Chimney Rock

After three days on a road trip with my boys, seeing sights we had never seen and doing things we had never done, we metchim rock up with a friend of mine and her two sons in Colorado. On our third day, and with no one else interested, I visited Chimney Rock, an ancestral pueblo archaeological site.

For those that have not read Timeless Waters, that story involves three other lifetimes in different time periods that lived in northern New Mexico. While I don’t feel the same intense connection to Chimney Rock as I do to a few sites in northern New Mexico (other lifetime-wise, but who knows…), the people who inhabited that area between 900 and 1125 A.D. were in communication with and connected to those at Chaco Canyon during that time period. Those tribes later migrated to northern New Mexico along the Rio Grande and Chama rivers.

As I walked with the group and listened as the volunteer guide shared the history of the people that once lived there, it was as if I was revisiting those amazing years when the experience that became Timeless Waters was unfolding. The familiar and exciting energy that accompanied those years surged through me, as I remembered that journey of self-discovery.

That was many years ago, and over the years I have assimilated that experience in such a way that it is an integral part of the tapestry that makes up my life, perspective and understanding of reality. And now, years later, I am pleasantly surprised to notice that, what once was an insatiable need for understanding, now holds deep feelings of warmth, familiarity and peace.

As I drove the road that took me back to Pagosa to rejoin my friend and the kids, I looked at Chimney Rock in my rear view mirror and my heart smiled. It was like coming full circle, back to Self, but with new eyes. I felt HOME.

Many Blessings,

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