A Touch of Spirit: We can choose

candle 2I sat this morning, hot cup of tea in hand, and stared at the candle on the table before me. It was 5:30 a.m. and I had experienced my third night in a row of not enough sleep. My sleep problems of late had a variety of causes, though I would be lying if I didn’t admit that hot flashes were the primary culprit ☺.

On this early morning, however, I was sleep deprived because I had been up late the night before talking to my teenage sons after their band concert and missed what I call my ideal “sleep opportunity,” resulting in about 4 ½ hours of rest. I was groggy and a little cranky and wondered how on earth I was going to make it through what was scheduled to be a busy day. It was in that moment, as I stared into the flame of my meditation candle, that I stopped myself.

It was like I had forgotten one of the most important tenets of my own philosophy…


I could choose the groggy-grouchy-cranky- how am I going to survive the day path, or I could choose to have a good day. I chose the latter, made some coffee instead of herbal tea, and got to it.

Isn’t it funny how, even when we know how much our perception and mindset shape our experience, we can still find ourselves stubbing our toe in the morning as we get out of bed, setting our mood, and heading into that downward spiral of one-thing-after another?  But, if we come to our senses at any point in that downward spiral, all we have to do is CHOOSE a different perspective.

How lovely is that?!

Many Blessings,


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