Joy is a Special Wisdom

Those were the words I read in a travel magazine that was tucked into the seat pocket in front of me on my recent flight into Puerto Vallarta.  The words struck in a place deep inside me, so much so that I stopped reading and stared out the window while I let their truth resonate and find a home in my psyche. Joy is Sp Wisdom

Joy is a special wisdom…

Late one night when I was in my 30’s, I had been up with the baby and as I climbed back onto my bed, I felt an odd and overwhelming sense of the person I was in my youth and her perception of the world. What a glorious perception it was! Joy and elation were a regular part of my existence, and if it’s possible, the sky was bluer. Colors were brighter. A sunrise or sunset brought inspiration, often accompanied by tears of wonder and awe.

That was my world through the eyes of youth.

Fifteen years later, my life, for all practical purposes, was blessed. My husband and I had two beautiful little boys, a home on a small lake surrounded by nature, a career filled with purpose, etc. Much of the time I was happy, but for sake of analogy, my colors seemed muted. The sky, while still lovely, wasn’t quite as blue.

I recall silently asking myself “what changed?” The answer, of course, was something within me. My essence was still the same, but I had allowed Life to form a hazy layer on the lens of my experience. I had lived long enough to notice patterns in my relationships and responses that brought struggle. It was that night that I consciously realized that Joy is a way of being in the world, in spite of its challenges, disappointments, betrayals and struggles. And I began the journey.

What is the journey? It’s…

  • Gaining insight about the source of your own perceptions
  • Understanding the different “levels” through which you manifest your reality, and
  • Restructuring beliefs and patterning

And when you get there? You can truly be the conscious creator of your own life.

Joy is a special wisdom.

It is. It truly is indeed.

Many Blessings,


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