Being a Kid Again…

The Solstice came and went last week, marking the official arrival of summer.

There is something about this time of year that is just different, and I have begun to think it might be a carryover from childhood; those lazy, hazy days of summer when I was free from the routine of school. I still feel that anticipation…like the months are stretched out in front of me, filled with the possibility of fun.

As an adult, the reality is that the weeks FLY by (how did it feel so long when we were kids?) and before I know it, the sky is darkening earlier and the cicadas create their loud symphony from the trees, marking the end of the season…

In the midst of my work and responsibilities, I try and make the most of it- road trips to the lake, hiking, floating in the pool, laughing with a close friend, and early mornings on the patio as the sun comes up.

Here is a picture I took this morning:

Even though we no longer have the freedom of youth, we can still tap into that feeling of summer vacation. It is a meditation of sorts, and in so doing, it becomes our reality.

Close your eyes and remember… and go create some joy!



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Rite of Passage

As I write this, I am tucked away upstairs. I can hear the “thump-thump” of the base coming through the Bluetooth speaker at the year-end gathering of more than 75 teenage band students that have swarmed my backyard and the downstairs of my home. Towels to catch the dripping water from their swimsuits line the floor from the back door to the dining room, where an unbelievable amount of food has been consumed.

My home has been the location for many gatherings such as this (some smaller, some bigger) over the past four years since my oldest started high school. There have been trumpet sectionals here at 7:30 in the morning when there was no place else for them to practice. There have been Christmas parties, farewell parties, graduation parties… all of which cause me to be displaced, leave a mess for me to clean up, yet create abundant joy and gratitude in my heart.

My oldest son is graduating from high school; that rite of passage we all go through as we walk our path into the future. But as a mother, I now understand that it is a rite of passage for parents as well. Who are we, and who will we choose to become? What part of ourselves that was set aside to make room for our children will re-emerge, but with a wisdom and perspective previously unknown to us?

I am in the first leg of that passage, and thankfully I have two (short) years to gather myself for the second leg, when my youngest will go off to college. And as I feel the tears build behind my eyes at the thought of that time, I also feel anticipation and hope, not too different from how I felt when I was that teenager, graduating and going off to college.

And so goes the soul journey….









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