A Touch of Spirit: Spirit Work

I recently was in a conversation and heard someone refer to herself as a “Light Worker.” This is not an unfamiliar term, but for some reason whenever I hear it, it gives me pause.

I imagine some would say that I am also a Light Worker. I am a trained bodyworker, including Reike and other forms of energy work. I am an author. I teach others what I have learned so they too can recall other lifetimes and how to identify the patterns that reach through space and time, impacting their lives today….

But do you know where my most profound growth as a soul incarnated has come from? Being a mother, my career as a social worker, and the ongoing challenge we all face every day to navigate this human existence and find balance between the spiritual and practical.

You see, every part of our lives is Spirit made manifest; from mowing the lawn to answering the email from your boss to paying the water bill to tucking your kids into bed at night….

It’s when we realize that the very fabric of our lives is Spirit Work that life gets richer. It’s where we find empathy for others. It’s where we find wisdom and understanding, and it’s where we begin to get a glimpse of what it means to live a physical life on the earth plane.

Rich work indeed.

Many Blessings,

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