About Sheryl

Sheryl Marseilles, MSW

My mess is my message,” is how Sheryl describes why she loves to teach and coach others on productivity, mindset, stretching beyond their self-conceived limits and burnout in their quest to create more balanced and fulfilling lives. Sheryl has worked passionately as a nonprofit executive in the field of child advocacy for 27 years, leading two organizations from infancy to maturity. She became a certified coach in 2014.  Her mantra? “The better and happier we are in our LIVES, the better we are in our careers.”   Sheryl lives in Norman, Oklahoma with her two teenage sons, an ill-mannered Pit Bull named Emmie, Shasta the Rhodesian Ridgeback and Jasper, the very patient cat. She currently serves as the Executive Director of Oklahoma CASA, her nonprofit “home” since 2008, is an author and lecturer, as well as trained massage therapist and meditation teacher, just to keep the journey exciting. She received her Master in Social Work degree in 1991 from the University of Oklahoma and believes that a beautiful, balanced life is our birthright, but we might have to clear some old patterns to get there!

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