From Burnout to Beach

When burnout hits me, it is as if I can feel it in every cell of my body. It’s a subtle feeling of desperation coupled with a hint of depression. I hate to admit it, but it is just something that happens to me. Part of it is my go-go-go tendency and the other part is, unfortunately, just me.

I have begun to think that burnout is like pneumonia; once you really experience it, you’ll always be more susceptible. (I think I am now on the 5-6 year cycle…)

So, about three weeks ago when I felt like I was reaching my melting point, I realized this was my opportunity to be proactive before it got bad. But how?

“A few days at the beach,” I thought to myself.

And off went my brain—identifying all the reasons I couldn’t: Money. Time. My work schedule. My kids. The dogs. The cat. The doctor’s appointment that was scheduled. And the list went on…

That’s what we do, right? We immediately go to all the reasons we can’t do something, rather than coming up with ways to make something possible.

So (as I so often tell others to do) I decided to problem-solve it.

First step: determine where to go! As I researched all my options, I discovered I had enough miles on American Airlines for a round trip ticket to Mexico, and enough left-over time-share points for 2017 for a three night stay at one of my favorite places.

Next: tackle all my stories around my time, work and obligations. So, I identified a window of opportunity in my work schedule, made a plan for my youngest son and the dogs and sent some emails to reschedule a few appointments.

With two phone calls and an hour after deciding to problem-solve it, I had a trip booked to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and was leaving in 4 days!

I was proud of myself and freaked-out at the same time.

It was a beautiful few days, filled with long walks on the beach, swimming in the pacific, quiet meditation, and reflection while staring out at the waves.

One morning as I walked along the water, I silently extended gratitude to the universe for bringing me such a beautiful experience. And as I did, the universe whispered back.

The wisdom I received was that, so often, what we need or want is actually already there for us. But we have to be willing to look for it– to identify what’s available even if it is not in the exact form we have in our minds. We have to be flexible, and willing to let go of our preconceived ideas and stories.

We have to problem-solve it.



P.S. What is something you need help problem solving? Shoot me an email and we can brainstorm it!

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Being a Kid Again…

The Solstice came and went last week, marking the official arrival of summer.

There is something about this time of year that is just different, and I have begun to think it might be a carryover from childhood; those lazy, hazy days of summer when I was free from the routine of school. I still feel that anticipation…like the months are stretched out in front of me, filled with the possibility of fun.

As an adult, the reality is that the weeks FLY by (how did it feel so long when we were kids?) and before I know it, the sky is darkening earlier and the cicadas create their loud symphony from the trees, marking the end of the season…

In the midst of my work and responsibilities, I try and make the most of it- road trips to the lake, hiking, floating in the pool, laughing with a close friend, and early mornings on the patio as the sun comes up.

Here is a picture I took this morning:

Even though we no longer have the freedom of youth, we can still tap into that feeling of summer vacation. It is a meditation of sorts, and in so doing, it becomes our reality.

Close your eyes and remember… and go create some joy!



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Rite of Passage

As I write this, I am tucked away upstairs. I can hear the “thump-thump” of the base coming through the Bluetooth speaker at the year-end gathering of more than 75 teenage band students that have swarmed my backyard and the downstairs of my home. Towels to catch the dripping water from their swimsuits line the floor from the back door to the dining room, where an unbelievable amount of food has been consumed.

My home has been the location for many gatherings such as this (some smaller, some bigger) over the past four years since my oldest started high school. There have been trumpet sectionals here at 7:30 in the morning when there was no place else for them to practice. There have been Christmas parties, farewell parties, graduation parties… all of which cause me to be displaced, leave a mess for me to clean up, yet create abundant joy and gratitude in my heart.

My oldest son is graduating from high school; that rite of passage we all go through as we walk our path into the future. But as a mother, I now understand that it is a rite of passage for parents as well. Who are we, and who will we choose to become? What part of ourselves that was set aside to make room for our children will re-emerge, but with a wisdom and perspective previously unknown to us?

I am in the first leg of that passage, and thankfully I have two (short) years to gather myself for the second leg, when my youngest will go off to college. And as I feel the tears build behind my eyes at the thought of that time, I also feel anticipation and hope, not too different from how I felt when I was that teenager, graduating and going off to college.

And so goes the soul journey….









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Drama and Conflicts

Have you ever noticed how TV shows often go from one drama or conflict to the next? And even if a major conflict has been resolved during the episode, another is presented right at the end, leaving you hanging until next time?

I don’t know about you, but at the end of a long day there is something really comforting about curling up on the couch and unwinding with Netflix. Getting so lost in a storyline that, 45 minutes later when it’s over, it feels almost surreal to step back into reality.

But there’s something that I have begun to wonder…

Have all the conflicts, pivot points, and dramas that we have passively observed over the years created a strange expectation on our parts that ongoing conflict and struggle are the linchpin of a life well lived?

This tendency shows up in a variety of ways; indignation, frustration, exasperation, conflict and anger, to name a few. I have been privy to witnessing a lot of this lately, which is why it is on my mind. (But don’t let my commentary fool you; I have learned many lessons the hard way myself!)

I think the key lies in our awareness of the dramas we create in our own lives.  And while we may feel like we aren’t, we get to consciously decide how we interact and respond to the situations in our lives.  We get to choose between conflict and peace, anger and joy, and understanding over differences.

Let Netflix handle the drama.

Many Blessings,


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A member of my staff recently gave birth to her first child. After taking six weeks off, she is making her partial re-entry to her career life this week. Early this morning she texted that she would be coming in today; back to normality.

I smiled to myself at the thought of her “returning to normality,” because while she is getting back into her work flow, her life will never return to what it was before. In essence, when she gave birth, she too was reborn. She is a new version of herself and will never be the same.

I remember what stepping into that new version of myself and life was like when I became a parent. When I returned to my career, life felt more normal, but I was forever changed.

But there have been other, less dramatic moments in my life as well. Like the moment I stood at the rim of the Grand Canyon with my sons and knew in the deepest recesses of my being that I could no longer (would no longer) give “all of myself” in my career; or the moment I silently called to Spirit to please show me what I needed to know to heal the patterns that were revealing themselves in my life…

In those moments, I looked exactly the same. My life looked the same. But I had subtly changed, which changed the trajectory of my life.

What we often fail to recognize is that it is most often in subtle moments that our lives are actually reborn.

Create them, recognize them, and celebrate them!

Many Blessings,


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Treasures Within You

Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you? -Jack Gilbert

Last week I wrote about what it feels like when we receive a “nudge” from Spirit like an idea or inspiration….

It feels right in every fiber of your being until that moment when fear kicks in and you talk yourself out of it. (Miss the post? Read it here.)

A few days later, a friend of mine sent me an audiobook version of Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. It was a breezy and mild Sunday afternoon, so I decided to head out for a walk, earbuds in hand, and listen to the introduction of the book.

The universe buries jewels within each and every one of us and then stands back to see if we can find them,” the author read. As I heard those words, they resonated quite deeply, and I smiled at the perfect synchronicity of the message.

Those ideas and inspirations are glimpses into what is hidden within you; your deepest potential, purpose and path to creative expression. They are Spirit tapping you on the shoulder and saying “here you go…”

Your only job (and mine) is to listen and have the courage to bring forth the treasures that lie within you.

Many Blessings,






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Is it a nudge from Spirit?

Have you ever had an idea that felt like a nudge from Spirit or divinely inspired?

I was sitting on the couch, drinking some Bailey’s and coffee and staring into the fire when just such an idea popped into mind. It felt totally right in every fiber of my being. And for a split second, I experienced a crisp clarity in my vision- there are no other words to describe it. With clarity and purpose, I made the decision to move forward.

But then I fixed dinner, watched Netflix with one of my sons, and as I got up to clean the kitchen, I remembered my previously inspired idea and thought to myself, “Are you crazy?”

I wonder how often it happens that Spirit is working through us; guiding us and leading us toward our purpose, only to be shut down by the rational, reasoning mind.

So how do you know which voice you should heed?

One brings up self-doubt, vulnerability, insecurity, and fear. The other, even if only for a brief moment, makes you feel connected, alive, and pushes toward inspired action.

My bet is on the latter!

Many Blessings,


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A Touch of Spirit: Spirit Work

I recently was in a conversation and heard someone refer to herself as a “Light Worker.” This is not an unfamiliar term, but for some reason whenever I hear it, it gives me pause.

I imagine some would say that I am also a Light Worker. I am a trained bodyworker, including Reike and other forms of energy work. I am an author. I teach others what I have learned so they too can recall other lifetimes and how to identify the patterns that reach through space and time, impacting their lives today….

But do you know where my most profound growth as a soul incarnated has come from? Being a mother, my career as a social worker, and the ongoing challenge we all face every day to navigate this human existence and find balance between the spiritual and practical.

You see, every part of our lives is Spirit made manifest; from mowing the lawn to answering the email from your boss to paying the water bill to tucking your kids into bed at night….

It’s when we realize that the very fabric of our lives is Spirit Work that life gets richer. It’s where we find empathy for others. It’s where we find wisdom and understanding, and it’s where we begin to get a glimpse of what it means to live a physical life on the earth plane.

Rich work indeed.

Many Blessings,

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A Touch of Spirit: Do One Thing

sunrise-quartz“The shortest way to do many things is to do one thing at a time.”
ir Richard Cecil

It’s not like I don’t have a good degree of control over my schedule, so what was I thinking?

Such was my thought as I embarked on the month of September. I mean really, was I crazy?  A glutton for punishment? Truthfully, I have no idea what I was thinking when I let my calendar fill up with meetings, multiple presentations for which I would need to create content, and out of town travel including leading two retreats – one week after the other.

What I did know going into it was that I was going to have to “manage my head,” so to speak.  Why? Because I know myself. Not only would I feel stressed, but the thing I have grown to disdain most had a BIG potential of happening; I would spin in my “story” about how busy I am, and that in turn would increase my stress level. My martyrdom would creep in… and my story would become ever truer.

(Surely I am not the only person who can admit to this, am I?)

Instead, I just decided to take it one presentation at a time, one day at a time, and one moment at a time.  When I finished one thing, I’d let out a deep sigh and say to myself “Next!” So far I can honestly say I have successfully managed my thoughts, stayed in the present and focused on just that one thing in front of me. Instead of feeling worn ragged and stressed, I have been in the flow; in sync with the universe and with the “gift of the gab” as I moved from one thing to another.

We have a tendency to forget the wisdom of staying in the present, don’t we? But when we remember to apply it to our daily lives, how sweet the results can be.

And now I am off to prepare content for another retreat!

Many Blessings,


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Joy is a Special Wisdom

Those were the words I read in a travel magazine that was tucked into the seat pocket in front of me on my recent flight into Puerto Vallarta.  The words struck in a place deep inside me, so much so that I stopped reading and stared out the window while I let their truth resonate and find a home in my psyche. Joy is Sp Wisdom

Joy is a special wisdom…

Late one night when I was in my 30’s, I had been up with the baby and as I climbed back onto my bed, I felt an odd and overwhelming sense of the person I was in my youth and her perception of the world. What a glorious perception it was! Joy and elation were a regular part of my existence, and if it’s possible, the sky was bluer. Colors were brighter. A sunrise or sunset brought inspiration, often accompanied by tears of wonder and awe.

That was my world through the eyes of youth.

Fifteen years later, my life, for all practical purposes, was blessed. My husband and I had two beautiful little boys, a home on a small lake surrounded by nature, a career filled with purpose, etc. Much of the time I was happy, but for sake of analogy, my colors seemed muted. The sky, while still lovely, wasn’t quite as blue.

I recall silently asking myself “what changed?” The answer, of course, was something within me. My essence was still the same, but I had allowed Life to form a hazy layer on the lens of my experience. I had lived long enough to notice patterns in my relationships and responses that brought struggle. It was that night that I consciously realized that Joy is a way of being in the world, in spite of its challenges, disappointments, betrayals and struggles. And I began the journey.

What is the journey? It’s…

  • Gaining insight about the source of your own perceptions
  • Understanding the different “levels” through which you manifest your reality, and
  • Restructuring beliefs and patterning

And when you get there? You can truly be the conscious creator of your own life.

Joy is a special wisdom.

It is. It truly is indeed.

Many Blessings,


P.S. Are you ready to stop repeating patterns and consciously create of your life? Email me and we can schedule a Discovery Session!

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