Drama and Conflicts

Have you ever noticed how TV shows often go from one drama or conflict to the next? And even if a major conflict has been resolved during the episode, another is presented right at the end, leaving you hanging until next time?

I don’t know about you, but at the end of a long day there is something really comforting about curling up on the couch and unwinding with Netflix. Getting so lost in a storyline that, 45 minutes later when it’s over, it feels almost surreal to step back into reality.

But there’s something that I have begun to wonder…

Have all the conflicts, pivot points, and dramas that we have passively observed over the years created a strange expectation on our parts that ongoing conflict and struggle are the linchpin of a life well lived?

This tendency shows up in a variety of ways; indignation, frustration, exasperation, conflict and anger, to name a few. I have been privy to witnessing a lot of this lately, which is why it is on my mind. (But don’t let my commentary fool you; I have learned many lessons the hard way myself!)

I think the key lies in our awareness of the dramas we create in our own lives.  And while we may feel like we aren’t, we get to consciously decide how we interact and respond to the situations in our lives.  We get to choose between conflict and peace, anger and joy, and understanding over differences.

Let Netflix handle the drama.

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