Is it a nudge from Spirit?

Have you ever had an idea that felt like a nudge from Spirit or divinely inspired?

I was sitting on the couch, drinking some Bailey’s and coffee and staring into the fire when just such an idea popped into mind. It felt totally right in every fiber of my being. And for a split second, I experienced a crisp clarity in my vision- there are no other words to describe it. With clarity and purpose, I made the decision to move forward.

But then I fixed dinner, watched Netflix with one of my sons, and as I got up to clean the kitchen, I remembered my previously inspired idea and thought to myself, “Are you crazy?”

I wonder how often it happens that Spirit is working through us; guiding us and leading us toward our purpose, only to be shut down by the rational, reasoning mind.

So how do you know which voice you should heed?

One brings up self-doubt, vulnerability, insecurity, and fear. The other, even if only for a brief moment, makes you feel connected, alive, and pushes toward inspired action.

My bet is on the latter!

Many Blessings,


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