A member of my staff recently gave birth to her first child. After taking six weeks off, she is making her partial re-entry to her career life this week. Early this morning she texted that she would be coming in today; back to normality.

I smiled to myself at the thought of her “returning to normality,” because while she is getting back into her work flow, her life will never return to what it was before. In essence, when she gave birth, she too was reborn. She is a new version of herself and will never be the same.

I remember what stepping into that new version of myself and life was like when I became a parent. When I returned to my career, life felt more normal, but I was forever changed.

But there have been other, less dramatic moments in my life as well. Like the moment I stood at the rim of the Grand Canyon with my sons and knew in the deepest recesses of my being that I could no longer (would no longer) give “all of myself” in my career; or the moment I silently called to Spirit to please show me what I needed to know to heal the patterns that were revealing themselves in my life…

In those moments, I looked exactly the same. My life looked the same. But I had subtly changed, which changed the trajectory of my life.

What we often fail to recognize is that it is most often in subtle moments that our lives are actually reborn.

Create them, recognize them, and celebrate them!

Many Blessings,


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